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Massage Therapy has long been used for the treatment of specific ailments & injuries. The benefits of massage include relief from back pain & muscle tension, relief from stress or tension-related headaches, reduced heart rate & lower blood pressure. It also promotes mental clarity & boosts the immune system by improving lymphatic flow & stimulating blood circulation. Regular massages enables the mind to calm & s l o w down, which greatly benefits your overall well-being.


Energy Session with Massage

*A client favorite! A half hour of Reiki is used to release pent up or negative energies & focus your mind... followed by a full body 60 minute massage to relax & unwind. Allow yourself to truly RELAX & let go... this treatment goes beyond just a massage.  

​​60 or 90min

Designed to destress & revitalize by increasing blood flow throughout the whole body. This massage will decrease muscle tension, improve range of motion & aid in relieving aches and pains. 

Hot Stone Massage

60 or 90

Warmed smooth basalt stones are used to heat & relax the muscle, allowing for deeper manipulation of the muscle tissue without the discomfort of a Deep Tissue massage.
Deeply relaxing and calming, this treatment is a client favorite. 
Prenatal Massage
60 min 

A special time in a woman's life deserves a special treatment.

Uniquely designed to help relieve pressure & soothe aching joints, this nurturing massage uses a full body pillow to maximize comfort & focuses on soothing & relaxing mothers-to-be.

Lower Leg & Foot Therapy
60 min 

An  complete hour of pampering for tired legs & feet. Warm aromatherapy infused towels & an invigorating sugar scrub buff away dry cells & soften skin. Hydrating oils are then massaged into skin with gentle pressure used on reflex points to harmonize the flow of energy throughout the body.

Your hands & arms are included with a gentle massage after a warm mud mask is applied to your feet.

This treatment will leave you feeling like you're walking on air. 


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