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The skin is the largest organ & the only visible reflection of your body's health.

The more you protect yourself now, the less you'll have to repair in the future.  

Classic Facial Treatment
​​60 min - 75

A "classic" skin treatment with a twist... everyones skin is unique & deserves to be treated so. 

Warmed towels begin the treatment to prepare & soften the skin. Double cleansing, exfolation, more warm towels, extractions if necessary & masks are all included. A face, neck & shoulder massage helps melt away tension caused from common facial expressions, rejuvenating circulation & creating a beautiful glow that comes from within. Appropriate eye cream, nourishing serums, moisturizer & spf complete your experience.

A deeply relaxing treat that leaves skin with visible improvement & Radiance.

Acne Clearing Program

​​Face Reality Acne skincare has designed a unique "boot camp" approach to clearing acne-prone skin. Acne is an inherited condition of the pores & Can be controlled using the right combination of products used in the correct way - NO Rx's required.
Unlike a brief dermatologist visit, this program is a completely guided journey to clear, blemish free skin. We begin with a thorough consultation & design a customized home care regime to treat YOUR specific acne conditions.
Twice daily home care combined with bi-weekly treatments can have your skin clear in just about 90 days. We will also teach you about common aggravating factors that may contribute to your acne; foods, medications, cosmetics & pore-clogging ingredients.
Every acne journey is different. We specialize in creating the ideal treatment course for each one. 
**Consultations are Required prior to beginning program. Consultations are thorough, include a mini facial treatment & are filled with helpful info.** 

NEW!  Celluma Light Therapy -


A must-have for anti-aging! LED wavelengths painlessly penetrate deep within the skin, stimulating the fibroblasts & creating skin-firming collagen & elastin.

Each session is 30 minutes under the light panel, so you can meditate, take a nap or feel free to bring ear buds & listen to a podcast, audio book or music of your choice.

*Best done in a series with treatments spaced closely together, we recommend weekly (or twice weekly) sessions for ultimate skin rejuvenation. Series of 8, 10 & 12 packages are available. (The more you purchase, the more you save!)

Single session - $50

Series of 8 $380  (save $20)

Series of 10 $ 450  (save $45)

Series of 12 $510  (save $90)

Express Facial 
30 min - 50
A great pick-me-up inbetween Classic Facials or prior to an occasion. Skin is double cleansed & gently exfoliated with fruit based enzymes or mild chemical peeling. Serum, masks & moisturizers are layered to leave your skin looking plump & dewy.
NO Extraction is included in this treatment so no need to worry about your skin looking anything but revived & refreshed afterward. 

Dermaplaning - a gentle yet thorough exfoliation technique that uses a sterile blade to remove dead skin cells and fine vellus hair (also known as peach fuzz!). Great for all skin types (excluding active acne), this service leaves your skin brighter, ultra smooth, soft & hair free. Due to its immediately gratifying results, this is a client favorite spa treat. 

Dermaplaning only - includes a double cleansing, dermaplane exfoliation, hydrating mask, serum & spf    63

Dermaplaning with a Classic Facial - our traditional classic facial treatment with the added dermaplaning exfoliation, additional enzyme & extractions (if needed), a face, neck & shoulder massage, soothing finishing mask (with arm & hand massage while that sits), serum & spf   110                                 

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